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Message from the President

Why Select a Japanese Travel Agency

Hospitality in the Japanese travel industry is constantly evolving, it is not only about providing accommodations and transportation, it is about the service. The service we provide ties in with our theme, “What do you want to accomplish on your next trip?” is the commitment to you, our customers to achieve the goals and purposes of your trip beyond travel. It is a service level that provides a connection to your purpose and travel.

Takashi Suzuki
Kintetsu International Hawaii Company


The Kintetsu company was founded in 1910 as part of Nara Tramway Co., Ltd. Renamed to Osaka Electric Railway, the company grew to incorporate the transportation and tourism industries.

Kinki Kotsu Company established in 1947 and Nippon Tourist Company founded in 1948 merged into Kinki Nippon Tourist, Co. Ltd. (KNT) in 1955. Today, Kinki Nippon Tourist is one of the top full-service travel agencies in the world, with over 200 branch offices worldwide.

Our history began in 1966 when Kintetsu opened an office in Hawai`i. Then in 1967, we started air freight services and later travel services to Hawai`i. We have been a pioneer and leader throughout our history in the islands. We continue to look forward to serving our customers with Aloha.

Kintetsu, a company you can trust with all your travel needs.

Global Network

KNT-CT Holdings Co. Ltd. is responsible for the strategic management and oversight of the group companies in Japan and globally.

Our resources expand the globe with over 200 branch offices in Japan and worldwide.
When you think of travel, trust Kintetsu International Hawaii Company for all your travel needs.

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Corporate Profile

A Division of Kintetsu International Express (U.S.A.), Inc.
State of Hawaii Registration No.Travel Agency: TAR-547
Activity Desk: AD-212
AddressBank of Hawaii Waikiki Center
2155 Kalakaua Avenue, Suite 715
Honolulu, Hawai`i 96815
21241 South Western Avenue #280
Torrance, CA 90248
EstablishedFebruary 14, 1974
PresidentTakashi Suzuki
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